Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun with Linux

I just built a new computer and installed Ubuntu 10.10.

Re: the Hardships
Eventually I installed Google Chromium 7 instead of 6 because it's native 64bit. That helped reduce errors with plugins. Google voice plugin is what I needed.
Starcraft 2 was problematic. I followed this guide and eventually got this error. Those two links gave me a good install with Wine.

Re: the Pro's of Linux
Ubuntu is better than ever.  Not only is it more user-friendly than previous versions but the technical details are solid. My OS boots in less than 2 seconds. Compiz Fusion and Emerald Themes are as beautiful as ever. Cairo Dock is more customizable than any dock I have seen for Windows and Mac. I can spend all day playing with the settings and bling on this OS.
There is no 'signature look' to a linux desktop, but here is mine:

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